MPC product warranty and limitations on use

The duration of warranty for MPC products is valid for 2 years for mechanical particular and 1 year for electronic particular, and begins on the date of purchase.

Application of the warranty

The warranty is restricted to the repair or replacement of any products acknowledged by MPC to be defective. No other claims of any kind may be made to MPC.
Replaced products shall remain the property of MPC and the customer shall be responsible for all relative transport costs. MPC is not obliged to visit the customer's premises.
The warranty only applies to MPC components and not to the entire structure to which they are installed.
In the event of application of the warranty, MPC's conditions of sale will remain in force and all or any disputes relative to payment conditions or sums indicated in invoices prior to or following the discovery of any defects may not be taken into consideration.

Warranty restrictions

The warranty is not applicable if:

  • The returned product has been dismantled or opened or shows evident signs of damage caused by a collision or other tampering
  • MPC's assembly and electrical wiring instructions were not followed meticulously
  • The product has been used for purposes other than that for which it was designed
  • The mechanism and electrical accessories have been used for purposes other than those for which they were designed
  • The product has been used with electrical accessories thet have not been approved by MPC.


Limitations on use

MPC products are designed and developed for "open-closed" mechanism (operator, gear motor) for gates, shutters, which do not require intensive use. MPC products must be installed in compliance with current standards specific to their application and current electrical standards (CEI standards).

Speditions, transport and delivery

For expedition we commit to controlled forwarder that guarantee the delivery in Italy in 24/48 hours from departure of our deposit. We shall inform customer for departure of his order by email.

Goods sent free port or freight collect, travels at the client's own risk, in compliance with current laws on the matter.


The customer is responsible for inspecting the goods upon receipt, checking their condition, the quantities, weight and type of items as described on the Transport Document. All claims must be made within a period of eight (8) days.
Duly supplied and uncontested goods may not be returned to MPC unless express prior written authorisation is received from the latter.

Recede contract right

To exert the recede contract right, the "USER" be in receipt of goods has ten-days (10) from the delivery.
Returned-goods parcel, the expedition is all-depending from customer, in according with law, except different agreement with customer-provider, must be sent, to the upper address, within ten (10) days from receipt, with a correct packaging and your original invoice.
Only in this way we can compensate you for the amount.




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